Bighorn Basin Outdoor Recreation

~ Collaborative ~

Our Mission

To promote, enhance, and develop sustainable outdoor recreation that encourages responsible use, personal well being, and economic benefit in the Bighorn Basin.

This Website

This is a Google Site - essentially a free website - that we can use as a centralized portal for our Team and the documents and items we are developing. If you are a member, bookmark this page for easy return access to our agendas and documents. There is also a Members page that we will build out with an image and brief name and contact info for our members.


Each button below reflects a folder with information that has been developed, revised, adopted, or finalized as part of our collaborative efforts to date

Agendas for prior and upcoming meetings

Documents that have been drafted, revised, and adopted by the group

Notes or minutes taken during during meetings

Team Images ; Outdoor Recreation in the Bighorn Basin*

* Feel free to add here for use in our documentation, this site, or our Facebook page. Know that images deposited here may be used publicly and uploading images here implies your consent for them to be possibly used.



Barbara Anne Greene

Christy Fleming

CJ Grimes

Meri Ann Rush

Kristi Robison

Outdoor Summit

Christy Fleming

CJ Grimes

Hannah Fortney

Valarie Anderson


Accepting Volunteers


Alan Grubb

Chris Paris

Dan O’Keefe

Hannah Fortney

Justin Smith

Vickie Hogen

John Dornan

Rick Tryder

If you would like to participate in one of the sub-committees, let us know at a meeting, or email us at wybborc@gmail.com.