Our Mission

To promote, enhance, and develop sustainable outdoor recreation that encourages responsible use, personal well being, and economic benefit in the Bighorn Basin.

This Website

This is a Google Site - a free website - that we can use as a centralized portal for our Team and the items we are developing. If you are a member, bookmark this page for easy return access to our agendas and documents. There is also a Members page that we will build out with an image and brief name and contact info for our members.

Milestone Deliverables

Our group of public and private volunteers officially launched in October of 2018. Our Milestone Deliverables to date include the following:

BBORC in the News

See what others are saying about BBORC, in chronological order

Casper Star Tribune, May 18, 2019, by Christine Peterson

"New state office pushes to beef up Wyoming's outdoor recreation economy and reputation"

Basin Republican Rustler, December 26, 2019, by Jessica Robinson

"Collaborative focuses on emphasizing outdoor recreation within Bighorn Basin"

Northern Wyoming News, January 2020, by Seth Romsa

"Outdoor Recreation Collaborative finding its footing in projects"

Northern Wyoming News, February 20, 2020

"BBORC update to Commissioners"

Basin Republican Rustler, February 27, 2020, by Barbara Anne Greene

"Commissioners learn more about Outdoor Recreation Collaborative"

Northern Wyoming News, March 5, 2020

"Commissioner Proceedings"

Basin Republican Rustler, September 9, 2020, by Barbara Anne Greene

"Bighorn Basin Outdoor Recreation hosts Outdoor Recreation Summit"

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BBORC published materials

Here is what we have published and distributed about BBORC, in chronological order

Infographic: About the BBORC, presented to Governor Gordon, June 2019

BBORC Spring 2020 Update: Full Color or No Background

Marketing your Outdoor Recreation Business, Sept 2020 / BBORC Summit Presentation




Barbara Anne Greene

Christy Fleming

CJ Grimes

Jeff Thornton

Kristi Robison

Meri Ann Rush

Terry Livingston

Outdoor Summit

Christy Fleming

CJ Grimes

Hannah Fortney

Jeff Thornton

Valarie Anderson


Meri Ann Rush

Terry Livingston

Todd Johnson


Alan Grubb

Chris Paris

Dan O’Keefe

Hannah Fortney

Justin Smith

Vickie Hogen

John Dornan

Rick Tryder

If you would like to participate in one of the sub-committees, let us know at a meeting, or email us at

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